Patient Assistance Programs

Sometimes, no matter how good your insurance is, the cost of your child’s care is more than your insurance will cover.  Patient assistance programs help to offset these expenses.

National Organization for Rare Disease (NORD) Patient Assistance brochure:

Alex’s Lemonade Stand :  travel grants for families battling childhood cancer

Alyssa V. Phillips Foundation, helps kids with CP pay for therapies and other treatments not covered by insurance

Angel Flight, free medical flights

Aubrey Rose Foundation, helps families with medical expenses

Aubrey’s Warriors Foundation, financial assistance to families with financial hardship due to a child’s illness

Autism Escapes, arranges air travel on private jets for families seeking medical care

Be Perfect Foundation, financial assistance for people living with paralysis

Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation, medical and respite housing to critically ill children and their families

Believe in Tomorrow, hospital and respite housing

Ben’s Blankets, weighted blankets for children with sensory needs; you only pay the cost of materials

Bryan’s Dream Foundation, helps families of children with brain tumors

Building Blocks for Kids, grants for health care related needs

Cancer Care, financial assistance to families of kids who have a cancer diagnoses

Challenged Athletes Foundation, grants for paralympic athletes

Chelsea Hutchison Foundation,  seizure assistance dogs and seizure monitoring

Different Needz Foundation,  grants for medical services and/or services.

Eden’s Hope, helps families of children with neuroblastoma

Family Reach, financial aid for families with a child who has cancer

First Hand Foundation, provides financial assistance for medical care, vehicle modification and travel

FODAC, provides refurbished equipment and services for disabled adults and children to improve their overall quality of life.

Fred’s Footsteps, provides financial assistance to families during a child’s illness

Friend’s of Man, assists with medical and mobility equipment and prothesis

Generation Rescue, provides assistance for autism medical treatment for families in financial need

Gia Nicole Angel Foundation, assist with purchase of medical equipment

Grotto Humanitarian Foundation, provides dental services for children with special needs

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, provides iPads for children with spinal muscular atrophy

Hands to Angels, helps families of children with rare genetic disorders

Hannah and Friends, provides quality of life grants for individuals with developmental disabilities in Indiana, the Michiana area, New York, Rhode Island, and Florida

Holton’s Heroes, assists families affected by post birth traumatic brain injury

iPads for Apraxia, awards iPads and protective cases to aid in communication

J Kiffin Penry Patient Travel Assistance Fund, travel grants for epilepsy care

Jah Heart Foundation, assists children with cerebral palsy

Josh Provides, grants to medical services, medication, travel and devices related to epilepsy

June Brandy Foundation, assists families with children who have pediatric illness/disability

June Jessee Memorial Foundation, assists families in the St. Louis area with medical copayments, medications, medical equipment, overnight nursing care, formula and other items not covered by insurance.

Kya’s Krusade, grants for therapies

Maggie Welby Foundation, provides grants to families in need

Mark’s Money, grants for individuals with Down Syndrome residing in Tennessee or Indiana

Matthew Larson Foundation, assists families of children with brain tumors

McLindon Family Foundation, provides adaptive bicycles for children with special needs.

MIRA Foundation, provides guide dogs for blind children ages 11-17

Miracle Ear Foundation, provides free hearing aids to individuals in need

Modest Needs, short term financial help for families in crisis situation

Molly Bear Foundation, grants for families of children with Trisomy 18

My GOAL Inc, grants for families of children with autism for treatments not covered by insurance or other sources

MY GYM Challenged America, provides grants for medical equipment and therapy equipment for families with special needs

Needy Meds, discounted and free medication programs and other services for low income families

Parker Lee Project, provides medical supplies and equipment to children at no cost to the families.

Project Mend, refurbishes mobility devices and assists families with medical equipment needs

Ray Tye Medical Foundation, funds life saving medical care and surgeries for those without insurance

Ride to Give,  turns athletic ability into fundraising power for families with children who are disabled, injured, or ill.

Silent Stars, provides iPads for children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Small Steps in Speech, grant funds for speech and language disorder therapies

Snap4Kids, provides modest grants to families in need

Stepping Stones for Stella, provides buggies for children with special needs to enjoy outdoors to its fullest

The Arya Foundation, provides medical equipment such as ramps, special beds and walking aides.

The Danny Did Foundation, provides seizure/epilepsy devices to children in need

The HIKE Fund, provides hearing devices for children in need

The Lindsay Foundation, treatment, medical, and rehab equipment grants

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project,tools for fun and therapeutic experience for children with developmental and physical needs

The National Children’s Cancer Society, financial assistance with travel, meals and lodging for families of children with cancer

The Prayer Child Foundation, assistance to children with disabilities

TJ Joy Memorial Fund, helps families to obtain seizure monitoring devices

Travis Roy Foundation, grants for people with spinal cord injuries

Two Angels Foundation, adaptive recreational equipment

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation, grants for children 16 years old or younger for health care expenses insurance does not cover

Variety of United States, services and equipment

Wheel to Walk Foundation, equipment not provided by insurance

Wheelchairs 4 Kids,  medical equipment and assistive devices to families in need