Ketogenic Diet

What this article is about:  This article provides a brief overview of the ketogenic diet and links to resources where you can find more information and support.

The ketogenic diet is a type of diet that mimics the effects of fasting. When a person consumes a diet high in quality fats, adequate in protein, and low in  carbohydrates, the body’s metabolism begins to use fat as its main source of fuel instead of carbs. This diet has shown promise in improving many neurological conditions (such as epilepsy) and metabolic disorders.  The ketogenic diet can be initiated in formula-fed babies, children with feeding tubes, and children who can eat by mouth.  Many children are on both the diet and traditional pharmaceuticals.

For all things related to the ketogenic diet, The Charlie Foundation is the best resource on the subject.

Facebook Group:  Ketogenic Parents Rock!

Note:  the ketogenic diet must only be initiated under the medical supervision of a medical team that includes a dietician, and only after your child’s doctor clears your child to start the diet and makes a plan for regular monitoring. It must never be initiated at home without a doctor’s advice.  The popular ketogenic diet weight loss web posts do not represent the same diet that your child will be on under medical supervision, and can harm your child if initiated without a doctor’s guidance.