Community Mission, Rules, FAQs

The App For Us community is for bringing together all parents of children with special needs. Whether our children have the same or different conditions, we all share many of the same questions, lifestyle factors, and joys in our lives. App For Us is meant to be the place where we gather our collective strength and support for one another.


The Mission of App is to provide a supportive, educational, and uplifting community for parents of children with special needs.

We DO NOT seek to replace any existing organizations or reproduce existing resources. Rather we would like to keep everything organized in one place, and direct people who are looking for those local resources to the best sites on the web.

We love involving nonprofits, advocacy groups, facebook groups, and all other organizations. Contact us to get involved!


General Community Guidelines

  • Positivity!
  • Be helpful, supportive, and good to each other.
  • Make posts that can help your situation, but could also be beneficial to others. This could include questions, victories, and other uplifting topics.
  • By default, we are one single community. This means that everyone in the community can see your posts, which enables you to get more engagement and better access to inside information. If you have a question or situation, there is probably someone on App For Us that has spent 10,000 hours thinking about it!
  • Posts could also be shared to parents outside of the community if it helps them. Again our mission is to be a support system for all parents of children with special needs.

Topics that should NOT be posted on App For Us

  • Specific Medical Advice – we all have medical issues that our children go through, but specific medical advice should be left for your doctors and care teams. We as a site do not provide medical advice.
  • Vaccination – this topic is highly debated and in our experience can divide communities like no other topic. There are plenty of other places to find out more information and discuss vaccination. Please go there to do so.
  • Drug related content – like medical advice and vaccination, this is another topic that is better left for care teams and other discussion groups.
  • Circumcision – better for other discussion groups.


What should I post?

  • Post anything related to your special needs lifestyle! We want to keep a culture of 100% positivity and support so as long as your post helps you or anyone else in the community, go for it!

Who can see my posts?

  • App For Us is designed to be a place for all parents of children with special needs to share and gather helpful information. Thus, by default, anyone can see your posts.

Can I make my profile private?

  • Yes, you can choose this setting in the settings of your profile. However, your posts will then only be seen by people you accept to “follow” you, so engagement around your posts will be lower.

How do I tag other people?

  • To tag other people, use the @ character in front of their username. Example: if their username is ‘db’ tag them with ‘@db’

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We love involving local nonprofits, advocacy groups, facebook groups, and other organizations!